Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yes, i'm back. Have been putting the blog aside for a while due to some certain personal circumstances. During this time I've received alot of emails from artists and producers, and I've read 'em all, so keep 'em coming! The stuff I find interesting will be posted. I still feel like i'm in need of one or two more writers so if you're interested send an email and I prefer if your between the ages 20-30. Until the next time, here's some tracks I know you will enjoy!

Ginuwine Feat Timbaland & Missy Elliott - Get Involved (Masters Of South Remix)
I have a soft spot for Timbaland. I love almost everything he does and his voice goes with everything. Delicious rnb/electro/house-track!

Vassy - History (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix)
Sick track! Really great vocal. Once again a great remix by Alex & Jason.

Wippenberg - Pong (DBN Remix)
This is some really good producing! Insane electro with big sounds.

Young Rebels, Francesco Diaz - Alaska (DBN Remix)
Starts of quite calm but later turns to a kind of trance-fiesta!

Sonic Palms - On the Beach (Club Mix)
A real party starter. This track belongs on a big party "on the beach" with people dancing with a sunset/sunrise in the background.

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