Friday, October 23, 2009

It's motherf*cking friday!

I'm in a hurry so i'm gonna have to make this quick. Here's three tracks that I hope will turn this friday into a crazy one!

Avicii - The Birth (Original Mix)
Avicii just keeps getting better and better, strong favourite of mine. This track is really great! If you're a avicii fan like me, you won't get disappointed.

Bobby Tee feat Juan Kidd - Come One (Original Mix)
Big and heavy sounds. Crazy and awesome shit!

Cassie ft. Akon - Lets Get Crazy (Blueice Remix)
I've always had a thing for BlueIce. I was sold when he released the remix of Chris Brown - Yo! And this remix is no worse. Awesome producing!


Monday, October 19, 2009


Hi folks. Have some new tracks I want to share with you all and that I think is worth a listen. I could ramble on about why I yet again haven't posted anything in a while, but I won't, you already know the situation. I can however tell you that I will be back with at least 2 more posts this week. Enjoy these tracks until then, and don't hold back on the comments!

Guru Josh Project - Crying in the Rain (Niels Van Gogh & Dave Ramone Remix)
A hard electro track by the great Dave Ramone along with Niels Van Gogh. I'm not so found of Niels Van Gogh and I don't know how much he really has tributed to this Remix, but DAMN it's good. The vocal however is week!

Junkfood Junkies feat. Peran - Good Time (Remode Mix Edit)
Another hard and great electro track. PHAT sounds!

TV Rock - Been A Long Time (Axwell's Unreleased Remix)
I've always liked TV Rock and Axwell...well, which house fan doesn't like Axwell? This goldie oldie has been CPR'd back to life by Axwell and this shit is AMAZING. Just listen at 4.00!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nellie Recordings

I got an email yesterday from the guys over at Nellie Recordings with some very interesting works. The guys behind the label are Alaa and Kristoffer Ljungberg, two swedes who both produce and represents progressive and trance artists. After having heard their tracks I can only predict that these guys will have a bright future in the business. So without further a due, here you have them.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

In your eyes

Hi you house freaks. Hope you all have had another kick ass weekend. First of I wanna say thanks for the uplifting comments in the last post, I appreciate it. It's after all for you guys this site is running. I also wanna thank all of you who've showed their interest and emailed me. I will try to look and respond to all of you as soon as possible. But now i'm gonna post 4 tracks.

EDX - Shy Shy (Avicii Remix)
A really hot track with huge sounds and a beautiful vocal. Avicii has done it again.

Joyce Dennis - Vibed Up (In Your Eyes) (Extended Mix)
Another track containing a powerful and beautiful vocal, along with some freaky and heavy sounds. Really great track.

Kokal - One Way To Go (Original Mix)
This track however doesn't contain any vocal. Great instrumental production!

Patrcic La Funk - Self Control (Micha Moor & Tim Royko Remix)
I don't know how to describe this track but if you are a Moor-fan as myself you know what awaits. Heavy smashing sounds and this track has a kind of eurythmics-sweet dreams sound.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Help wanted

Hi guys. I don't know about you but i'm not satisfied with 2-3 updates a week. The problem for me is to manage more along with work and spare time. An update maybe doesn't seem to take up that much of time, but you would be surprised! So, because of this i'm in need of one more publisher/reviewer and the simple requirements are these - good spelling and grammar in english and the obvious- love house music. For you who are interested, send an e-mail to and I will give you further instructions. With that been said, here's 4 new hot tracks for y'all!

Wippenberg - Chakalaka
A quite good instrumental track with a kind of asian theme.

Voxis vs DJ Andi -To The Moon (DJ MaSound Remix)
This track is light and calm with some really cool parts. I love it, just listen at 2.30.

Zhi-Vago - Celebrate The Love (Van Date Extended Club Mix)
Another light track with some good parts. I'm however not so found of the trance sound, but maybe you guys are?

Deep Swing - In The Music 2009 (Alex Gaudino Jason Rooney Remix)
This is good sh*t! Heavy and diffrent by the great Gaudino accompanied by Jason Rooney. Club track for sure!

PH Electro - San Francisco (Original Mix)
Hope you liked the Promo Edit as much as I did. For you who did, here's the original mix. AWESOME production, eargasm warning.

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