Friday, October 23, 2009

It's motherf*cking friday!

I'm in a hurry so i'm gonna have to make this quick. Here's three tracks that I hope will turn this friday into a crazy one!

Avicii - The Birth (Original Mix)
Avicii just keeps getting better and better, strong favourite of mine. This track is really great! If you're a avicii fan like me, you won't get disappointed.

Bobby Tee feat Juan Kidd - Come One (Original Mix)
Big and heavy sounds. Crazy and awesome shit!

Cassie ft. Akon - Lets Get Crazy (Blueice Remix)
I've always had a thing for BlueIce. I was sold when he released the remix of Chris Brown - Yo! And this remix is no worse. Awesome producing!



virre said...

The Birth was hotttt!

Anonymous said...

New Avicii song :

cristopher said...

Yeah, i've heard the preview. Looking forward to the complete version.

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