Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get ready

Time again for some new interesting works. I know many of you will like 'em and one track in particular you all have been waiting for...I know I have!

Steve Angello - Monday (Original Mix)
The full length original mix is finally out. I've been waiting for this one and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Massive instrumental!

Porter Robinson - Get Brain
A really heavy electric track containing a daft punk sound, witch I'm a sucker for. So for all of you daft punk freaks out there, this one is for you.

Komodo - I Believe (Promo Club Mix)
A 6 minute long promo? I can't help but wonder how long the complete version will be. I for one am satisfied with what I've heard so far, judge by yourselves.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Calm down

Have some great calm tracks I want to share with you all. Some really awesome proggy stuff and a calm remix from BlueIce. Like candy for the ears!

Baby Alice - Pina Colada Boy (DJ Or Kappach Club Mix)
Haha this is one cheesy track. It's catchy and when I hear it I imagine myself at a charter club on Gran Canaria...or just at a girls pre-party.

Julian Wess & Mike Carey - Long Way To Go (Original Mix)
So smooth and calming. Great proggy track!

Mario Ochoa - Close Your Eyez (Original Mix)
Another great progressive track. This one however has a bit rawness and dirty touch.

Timbaland - Ease Off The Liquor (Blueice Radio Edit)
Timbaland is one of my idols. Everything he touches tuns to platinum gold and he has such an ear for hits. This BlueIce remix is calm and dirty. I know many of you will like it!


Friday, November 6, 2009

One two three

The range of great tracks seems to be very thin at the moment. There are very few of the new tracks that I find pleasureable. One track i'm really looking forward to is Avicii's The Drums remix and judging by the promo edit i'm quite sure the complete version is going to be sick! Anyways, I hope you guys have found some tracks that has made your ears wet. Here's three great tracks I hope you will come to like if you haven't heard them yet.

A great catchy electro track. It feels like I've heard the instrumental part before.

Steve Angello & AN21 - Flonko (Norell & Adstedt Booty)
Thrumpets! Great remix. Nothing for you guys who mostly likes commercial though.

This remix by Wolfgang Gartner (who's the guy in the picture above) is a typical Gartner remix - Strange! I love it and this might be just the thing for you commercial freaks to get your groove on!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Music kills misery

God I f*cking hate mondays. Got in a somewhat better mood after having heard some new tracks. Especially Avicii's remix of Tiesto's Escape me. Here's 4 more or less hot tracks that I'll think you guys will come to enjoy.

Klaas - Our Own Way (DJ Zam Club Remix)
Zam has done a great job with this remix. The only thing he could have done better is to erase the awful vocal and add more of his wonderful instruments.

Nexx - Synchronize Lips (Bodybangers Edit)
Classical Bodybangers sound. If you're a dance-fan you will like this one.

Simon De Jano - Sunshine (Paul & Luke Mix)
A poor vocal but wonderful instrumental.

Tiesto - Escape Me (Aviciis Remix At Night)
Don't know what to say, i'm speechless. Another master production from Avicii. If you don't listen to this one you're definitely missing out on something!


Friday, October 23, 2009

It's motherf*cking friday!

I'm in a hurry so i'm gonna have to make this quick. Here's three tracks that I hope will turn this friday into a crazy one!

Avicii - The Birth (Original Mix)
Avicii just keeps getting better and better, strong favourite of mine. This track is really great! If you're a avicii fan like me, you won't get disappointed.

Bobby Tee feat Juan Kidd - Come One (Original Mix)
Big and heavy sounds. Crazy and awesome shit!

Cassie ft. Akon - Lets Get Crazy (Blueice Remix)
I've always had a thing for BlueIce. I was sold when he released the remix of Chris Brown - Yo! And this remix is no worse. Awesome producing!


Monday, October 19, 2009


Hi folks. Have some new tracks I want to share with you all and that I think is worth a listen. I could ramble on about why I yet again haven't posted anything in a while, but I won't, you already know the situation. I can however tell you that I will be back with at least 2 more posts this week. Enjoy these tracks until then, and don't hold back on the comments!

Guru Josh Project - Crying in the Rain (Niels Van Gogh & Dave Ramone Remix)
A hard electro track by the great Dave Ramone along with Niels Van Gogh. I'm not so found of Niels Van Gogh and I don't know how much he really has tributed to this Remix, but DAMN it's good. The vocal however is week!

Junkfood Junkies feat. Peran - Good Time (Remode Mix Edit)
Another hard and great electro track. PHAT sounds!

TV Rock - Been A Long Time (Axwell's Unreleased Remix)
I've always liked TV Rock and Axwell...well, which house fan doesn't like Axwell? This goldie oldie has been CPR'd back to life by Axwell and this shit is AMAZING. Just listen at 4.00!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nellie Recordings

I got an email yesterday from the guys over at Nellie Recordings with some very interesting works. The guys behind the label are Alaa and Kristoffer Ljungberg, two swedes who both produce and represents progressive and trance artists. After having heard their tracks I can only predict that these guys will have a bright future in the business. So without further a due, here you have them.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

In your eyes

Hi you house freaks. Hope you all have had another kick ass weekend. First of I wanna say thanks for the uplifting comments in the last post, I appreciate it. It's after all for you guys this site is running. I also wanna thank all of you who've showed their interest and emailed me. I will try to look and respond to all of you as soon as possible. But now i'm gonna post 4 tracks.

EDX - Shy Shy (Avicii Remix)
A really hot track with huge sounds and a beautiful vocal. Avicii has done it again.

Joyce Dennis - Vibed Up (In Your Eyes) (Extended Mix)
Another track containing a powerful and beautiful vocal, along with some freaky and heavy sounds. Really great track.

Kokal - One Way To Go (Original Mix)
This track however doesn't contain any vocal. Great instrumental production!

Patrcic La Funk - Self Control (Micha Moor & Tim Royko Remix)
I don't know how to describe this track but if you are a Moor-fan as myself you know what awaits. Heavy smashing sounds and this track has a kind of eurythmics-sweet dreams sound.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Help wanted

Hi guys. I don't know about you but i'm not satisfied with 2-3 updates a week. The problem for me is to manage more along with work and spare time. An update maybe doesn't seem to take up that much of time, but you would be surprised! So, because of this i'm in need of one more publisher/reviewer and the simple requirements are these - good spelling and grammar in english and the obvious- love house music. For you who are interested, send an e-mail to absolutehousemusic@gmail.com and I will give you further instructions. With that been said, here's 4 new hot tracks for y'all!

Wippenberg - Chakalaka
A quite good instrumental track with a kind of asian theme.

Voxis vs DJ Andi -To The Moon (DJ MaSound Remix)
This track is light and calm with some really cool parts. I love it, just listen at 2.30.

Zhi-Vago - Celebrate The Love (Van Date Extended Club Mix)
Another light track with some good parts. I'm however not so found of the trance sound, but maybe you guys are?

Deep Swing - In The Music 2009 (Alex Gaudino Jason Rooney Remix)
This is good sh*t! Heavy and diffrent by the great Gaudino accompanied by Jason Rooney. Club track for sure!

PH Electro - San Francisco (Original Mix)
Hope you liked the Promo Edit as much as I did. For you who did, here's the original mix. AWESOME production, eargasm warning.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gentle people with flowers in their hair

Hope you all have had an awesome weekend. A new week with boring hours of work awaits. I wish I could fastforward to weekend for both you and me, but seeing as I'm no magician I will offer six other options for you to get a positive start of the week.

Bob Sinclar Ft Stevie Edwards - Peace Song (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix)
Gaudino always delivers mindblowing instrumentals and this is no exception. I really like this track, the choral however doesn't fit my taste, but overall - a good track.

Chris Shiva - Children Of The Time (Malinchak Main Mix)
A heavy track that can tear up any dance floor.

Christopher S & Mike Candys Feat. Manuel - Break The Rule (Jack Holiday Original Mix)
A really good track. Emotional and heavy at the same time.

Naksi & Brunner - It S My House (Original Mix)
Can't really explain much about this one. It just fits my taste and I'm sure many of you will like it! A club banger for sure.

Ph Electro - San francisco (promo edit)
Ph is a huge rising star on the oh so big electro sky. Even though this promo edit contains a very low audio quality I can't help to be excited for the full version which should be released any day now. Listen! And be on the look out for the full version.

Dj Migo vs Akscent & Edward Eaya - That's my love (DJ Migo Mashup)
Another emotional track. It has it's heavy moments, but the thing I like the most about this track has to be the accordion. Very cool and different instrument to put in the mix!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

We're never leaving the House

Hi ladies and gents, i'm back! Have been listening to many tracks these last few days and I gotta say that the good tracks seems to have disappeared along with the summer. I found a few great tracks though, which I'm going to post for you all to help brighten up these cold days and nights. Feel free to comment.

Bob Sinclair - New New New 2k9 (Avicii Remix Edit)
Avicii should remix Sinclair's tracks more often. Awesome track with Avicii's unique piano-sound as always. GREAT production!

DJ Sava - Sweet Love Feat. Raluka (Deepside Deejays Original Vocal Mix)
A nice bass accompanied by a very cool piano. Good stuff.

Kevin Forbes - A Little Love Symphony (Electro Dub Mix)
This is house symphony folks! Really cool track which easily stucks in your head.

Micha Moor - Tonight (Original Mix Edit)
A production of high quality by one of the best dj's out there. Nice huge, kicking sound,

Phonat - Ghetto Burnin (Simon Toogood 2009 Remake)
A groovy, kind of 80's house track. A tad too much vocal for my taste, but still a cool track worth a listening.


Sunday, August 23, 2009


All my bags are packed and im ready to go. I'll be gone for 15 days and I'll try to post while im away but I don't think the connection over there is any good. I have four tracks I want to share first. So, if I don't manage to post anything from overthere I'll be back 7th of september.

Alan Master T - We Are In Love (Deen Creed Remix)
A really hard electro track with a nice vocal. Not my kind of track for some reason, but i'm sure many of you will like it.

Jean Elan - Shake Me Elans (Club Edit)

An awesome instrumental! This will tear up the nightclubs for sure!

Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me (David Smesh Remix)

Really nice production by Smesh. I've never liked Smesh that much, a bit to uneven to get on my top list. But this is one of his better works.

Linda Teodosiu - Reprogram My Heart (Bodybangers Remix)

My girlfriend likes this one alot. Can't blame her, it's a good track. A bit girly though, but that's been Bodybangers signature for as long as I can remember.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Love

The much eagerly awaited album One Love by David Guetta is finally out! It's been available for download for about 24 hours and the cd release will be early this upcoming week, monday in Europe and on thuesday in US to be exakt. So here they are, the tracks we've all been waiting for. But as always, this tracks is only for promotion use only and should be deleted maximum 24 hours after download. So get your ass to the store and support the artist.


01. When Love Takes Over (Featuring Kelly Rowland) 03.11
02. Gettin' Over (Featuring Chris Willis) 03.01
03. Sexy Bitch (Featuring Akon) 03.16
04. Memories (Featuring Kid Cudi) 03.29
05. On The Dancefloor (Featuring Will.I.Am & Apl de Ap) 03.45
06. It's The Way You Love Me (Featuring Kelly Rowland) 04.12
07. Missing You (Featuring Novel) 03.08
08. Choose (Featuring Ne-Yo & Kelly Rowland) 03.57
09. How Soon Is Now (Dirty South Featuring Julie McKnight) 04.09
10. I Gotta Feeling (FMIF Remix) 03.52
11. One Love (Featuring Estelle) 04.00
12. I Wanna Go Crazy (Featuring Will.I.Am) 03.24
13. Sound Of Letting Go (Featuring Chris Willis) 03.45
14. Toyfriend (Featuring Wynter Gordon) 03.16
15. If We Ever (Featuring Makeba) 04.42


One love /Cris

Friday, August 21, 2009


Thank god it's friday. Worked my last day before the vacation today and on sunday im going on a 15 days vacation to Thailand, but my vacation from AH hasn't started yet! Here's six tracks for you all to set the weekend mood with.

Komodo - Stay 4 Me (Extended Mix)

WOAH! Crazy track. This production is insane! Every second is a treat for the ears. It's Komodo folks!

Ian Carey - Shot Caller (Vandalism Remix)
A groovy electro track with alot of vocal. Great stuff.

Quintino feat. Mitch Crown - Heaven (Extended Mix)

An amazing track. Loving the instrumental.

Katy Perry - Hot n Cold (Baby Directz Remix Special Gosia)

Who isn't tired of Katy Perry by now? This is however a great remix. Hard and electric.

Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System - I Will Be Here (Tiesto Remix)

There's many djs but there's only one Tiesto. SICK track!!! A must for every electro/house/tiesto fan.

Tune Brothers & Tesz Milan - Finally (The Good Guys Remix)

Great instrumental. But TGG could have saved some vocal.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hey guys, how goes it? I'm in a bit of a hurry doing laundry before my vacation. Just wanted to share some new really smooth tunes.

Maze Feat. Lital - Tell Me (Radio Edit)
A really smooth and quite calm house-dance-electro-track. Beautiful vocal. Great track!

Maze Feat. Lital - Tell Me (Club Mix)
The club mix offers a bit more base and a little less vocal, but it's not that much of a difference.

Sebastien Benett - Week End (Original Radio Edit)

Yeah folks - it's smooth track-night here on AbsoluteHouse! Benett's voice reminds me of Craig David in some parts and the instrumental reminds me of Daft Punk in some way. A great production- beautiful and funky.

Wolfgang Gartner - Fire Power (Original Mix)
It's cool, it's different, it's weird, it's Wolfang Gartner!


Monday, August 17, 2009

We're back!

...and we're here to stay. I've been moving and haven't had a connection until now. But now i'm back to deliver the hotest and newest releases. I'm going away for a 16 days vacation in thailand on sunday but after that everything will get back to normal. Jason and Mike are touring in US so they will be unavailable for a time.

Armin Van Buuren Vs. Coldplay - Viva In And Out Of Love(Dj Sndrz bootleg)
Very uptempo with a huge base. Must have heard ten kinds of remixes and remakes of this track. But this bootleg mix is phat. If you like fast, dark and huge electro, you'll like this one.

Beats - Destination Eivissa (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Remix)

I'm a sucker for instrumentals. Especially acoustic guitars. If you are too, listen at 2.45.

Angel One - Hold Me Tonight (Mike Rabbit Remix)
Probably my favourite among these. A huge sound with alot of base.

Darren Bailie - Protect Your Mind 2009 (DJ Sakin And Chio Del Mar Remix)

I've always loved the braveheart theme, and so does many dj's. Here's yet another great remix of an already great track.

Spencer & Hill - Trespasser (Club Mix)
For every S&H-fan and electro djs out there. A very raw track with a cool vocal, in some parts. Will definitely get the club/party in motion.

David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South Feat. Julie Mc Knight - How Soon Is Now (Orginal Mix)
Another masterpiece. But what else is there to expect when you put the grand Guetta, Ingrosso and DS together? Loving the vocal that Julie Mc Knight brings to the track.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guitar heroes

Hey. Has been a while since i've been at my computer. The weather is to awesome to miss at the moment and if you live in sweden, as i do, you have to grasp every second of it. The forecast however shows wors weather next week, so I will take my time to make up for lost time. Let's begin with 6 incredible tracks.

Armin van Buuren feat. Jacqueline Govaert - Never Say Never (Alex Gaudino Remix)
A great electro track made by an amazingly skilled lineup. Contains a perfect tempo and a funky and sexy vocal.

Avicii - So Excited (Sebastien Benett Remix)

Amazing track. Nicely remixed. Phat Electro and a bit progressive at the same time. LISTEN!

Ian Carey & Steve Edwards - S.O.S. (Original Mix)

A quite mellow track with a really beautiful guitar. Summer tune for sure!

Junior Caldera - What You Get (Club Dub Elektro)

Nice electro track. I like the instrumental part more than the vocal though. The guy's high tones is a bit annoying.

Luke Chable - Lime (Original Mix)

Can't really explain that much about this track. It just fits my taste. Great instrumental track.

Matthew Sanders - Rising Sun (My Definition Mix)

More great guitar and some hard electro in some parts.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Latin fever

We know that many of you visit us daily in hope for an update. But it's summer, and we also want to be out in the sun. We're trying to post as often as we can but there's alot more work to update than you may think, especially if you have a slow internet connection. Hope you guys understand, here's four very cool tracks for you all.

Antoine Clamaran - Reach For The Stars (Thomas Gold Remix)
Thomas has always used big sounds, which i love and it fits my taste perfectly. GREAT gold remix...nice vocal, huge sounds.

Belanova - Baila Mi Corazon (Michael Mind Remix)
There's alot of remixes of this tune circling around the clubs here in barcelona, but i have to say that i love this one the most. Typical M.M. track.

Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix)

This is another frequently played tune at the clubs at the moment, both remixes and the original. I love the original and this remix is very nicely done. If there's a man who can put together a masterpiece remix from a latino tune, it's Gaudino.

Vougan - Cuba Libre (D'azoo At Night Remix)

Don't know what's up with D'azoo at the moment. This is the second remix with a foreign sound. But...I really love this one.


Monday, June 22, 2009

In the air

Time for an update with some new material from some really huge names. Have been amazed by the latest works, is it the summer air the reason for this? If so, may the summer never end!

Beam vs Frog - Rocka (Dee & Crane Remix)
A rockin' electro track. Really heavy sh*t!

Sylver - Foreign Affair (Hardwell Remix)
Really nice track by hardwell. A big sound with a nice and calm vocal. AWESOME STUFF!

U-GiN - your body my body (let`s all chant 2009)
Another electro track with a very high tempo. Not my taste normally, but there's something about it that I love.

TV Rock feat. Rudy - In The Air (Axwell Remix)

Well, what to say. It has been a while since I've heard such a great track with such power and elegance that you never want to stop listening. This is one of the best remixes I've heard in a while. LISTEN & ENJOY! Big ups Axwell.

Tommy Trash - My Eternity (John Dahlback Remix)

Really nice beat! Love this track, it's flawless. To be fair to John, this track along with "In the air" are the best remixes I've heard in a long while.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Superstar djs

Yeah, J&M are back and we can look forward to more frequent updates. I've been listening to some new tracks for a few hours now and me ears are just a few repeats from starting to bleed. So, here are five of the newest and hottest tracks out there.

Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got Back[I Like Big Butts](RNR Remix)
Don't know if I should laugh or dance. I'm a huge fan of strange remixes and this belongs in this category for sure. Great remix. Heavy!

Empire Of The Sun vs. Fedde Le Grand - Walking On An Amplifier(FLG Bootleg)

I only need one word to describe this track - bass!

Inna - Hot (Mr John & Dj Viduta 2.9 Remix)
A comfortable vocal with a really cool guitar. Lovely track.

Plastik Funk - Rise (Original Mix)
Don't know how to explain this one. Feels like I've heard the vocal before. Anyways - I love it.

Chemical Brothers vs Tocadisco - Hey Morumbi (Avicii Bootleg)
Awesome remix. Two great tracks mixed in to one. Great bootleg by the great Avicii.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blame it on the summer

HEY FOLKS! Me and Jason are back from an amazing tour. Because of the lack of internet connection we didn't had the oppurtunity to post while we were away. Cris has done an awesome job though...as always. Loving what the summer brings to music. All the latest tracks done with a vibe of summer gives me a feeling similar to a warm summer breeze. Have five new track for you all that you can't miss out on.

Klaas meets Haddaway - What is Love 2009 (Klaas Club Mix)
I've been disappointed of Klaas new style so far. But this mix brings shows that the "old" klaas is still in there somewhere.

Klaas meets Haddaway - What is Love 2009 (Bodybangers Remix)

Bodybangers also wanted to do a remix of this old tune. Great work.

Steve Angello, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Laidback Luke - Leave The World Behind (Dabruck & Klein Remix)
Dabruck & Klein, f*ck yeah. There's not alot of djs who can make an already great track even better, but I have to say that D&K belongs among theese. Nicely done guys.

Stylistix - How Soon (Micha Moor Remix)

Micha Moore keeps on delivering eargasms. I simply love and admire his style, it never fails. This time to a lovely vocal and ofcourse - an awesome instrumental.

Bryce vs. Shaun Baker - Blame it on the Summer (DJs@Work vs. Chico Del Mar Mix)

Great summer track with a nice and groovy beat.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let there be house

Have been busy working, therefor the lack of update. I hope you can adjust to this for the time beeing. Mike and Jason should be back any day now and they have a lot of catching up to do and i'm sure that they'll have a lot of new tracks for you guys.

Andi Vax & Dj Romantic & Erik feat. Nika Lenina - I Feel You (Homeaffair Remix)
A very femi0olnine vocal with a HUGE instrumental sound.

Black Eyed Peas - I Got A Feeling (David Guetta Mix)
You can hear the Guetta signature already in the first seconds of the track. Very cool remix.

Brisby Jingles feat. Miloud - Who'll Stop The Rain (Sunrider Remix)
Very nice and phat electro with an enormous bass.

Cezar - Keep on Trying (Dj DenS 2009 Remix) (Radio Edit)
We posted a remix of this track a few weeks back and the remixes keeps on coming. Can't really tell the difference between this one and the latest, maybe you can? but hey...great track.

Kid Cudi - Dat New New (VIKING Remix)
A cool remix with a rap vocal. Sounds a bit like dizzie rascal.

Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now (Da Disco Boyz Remix)

Yeah, F-boy Slim! a kind of zynth sound. Groovy.

Metka - Terminator(DJ Solovey Radio Edit)

Solovey has done it again. Another awesome remix with big sounds and an enoying russian vocal. Fortunatly it has been mixed into a kind of robotic voice. Deliberately?

Tinchy Stryder Ft N-Dubz - Number 1 (Bimbo Jones Remix)
Loving this one. It has been remixed in a very funky mode with a cool funky rap vocal.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to live forever

Sunday bloody sunday. I hope you've enjoyed the weekend to the fullest. I have some new crazy electro tracks for you all which I hope can help get you thru another week.

Haddaway - What Is Love 2009 (Klaas Radio Edit)
I've only got one word for this edit - disappointment. As I've said before, and as you may have noticed, has klaas changed style...unfortunatly. I can only hope that this is a fake.

Prodigius - Elektroshock (Alexandre De Beauregard Remix)
A really weird remixed electro track...just the way I like it. If you like electro I'm sure that you will like this one as well.

Mike Melange vs Nikolai Ronin - Eart Moon Venus and Sun (Yann Kriss Main Club Mix)
Another great electro track with a kind of 80's vocal. Me like.

Revolution - Like A Prayer (R.I.O. Remix)
A mellow but at the same time dirty track, sampled from....yeah, Madonna's old hit.

Komodo - Still (Dj Arteniy Shark Remix)
Here's an awesome electro track with a really nice guitar. Love this remix, big up Arteniy Shark.


Friday, May 29, 2009

For the love of House

Hey guys. I hope you enjoyed the tracks from the last post and have had time to listen to 'em all. I have three new smoking tracks for you all to set the friday mood with.

Inusa Dawuda and Sebastian Courtier - Children of the Night
(Slin Project Remix)
A nice electro track with a touch of Jamaican instruments and vocal.

Yanou feat. Anita Davies - Brighter Day (Original Mix)
Yanou just keeps on impressing me. A great summer track with a beautiful vocal.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Music brings people together

Sorry once again for the lack of posts. With Mike & Jason beeing on tour leaving me as the only one in the crew available for posting is the result of this. Even if I have a social life I'll try to be post as much as I can, so bare with me until the boys are back. I know you've been waiting so here's some new tracks with a taste of sand and a warm summer breeze.

Britney Spears - Circus (Mike Candys Remix)
Not my type of track. But I know that many of you like 'em commercial. And this is descent even for me. So I think you'll come to like this one.

R.I.O. - After the Love (Ph Electro Remix)
A really nice summer track. Loving the R.I.O. vocal.

Stim Axel - Dejavu (DJ Zam Radio Edit)
Really funky track if you can adjust to the russian(?) vocal.

Haley - This Is How It Goes (Kaskade's Grand Club Edit)
A smooth and calm track with a very good vocal.

Bodybangers - Sunshine Day (Bigroom Mix)
Another summer track with a funky electro sound.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer love

Sorry for not updating this weekend. Jason was supposed to post some tracks for you but apparently got called back to Ibiza at the last minute yesterday. So I will offer some new tracks for you guys instead.

5sterophone & Dj Riga - Pink Code
Mike posted the mash up mix in the last post. Like it alot but I must say that I like this version better. Such a nice electro track.

Albin Myers & Sandro Monte Ft. Abigail Bailey - Somewhere (Dabruck & Klein Remix)
I've always liked Dabruck & Klein. Their tracks have always some sort of clearity which I admire. Their instrumental strength makes me wish that they would save some of the vocal though.

Benny Benassi Pres. The Biz - Satisfaction (Unreleased L-Double-E Remix)
Push me, and then just touch me. I wonder how many times i've heard this vocal. I'm really sick of it. But I know that there are some of you who will like it. If you like raw remixes with alot of bass, you're guaranteed to like it.

Boyorskiy - Dj
Baur Respectin Cut
A really clean and funky remixed electro track. But what's up with the new found interest of using eastern european vocals?

Jaybee - Sudenly (Houseboy Remix)
Getting some daft punk vibes from the instrumental part...loving it!


Friday, May 15, 2009


Haven't posted for a while. Have been going through Cris and Jason's posts and I can only say wow! Amazing tracks, great job guys. But now it's my time to shine. Here are some new tracks, including new works from S&H and Klaas...enjoy!

Alex Avenue and Mat Mattara - Hungry For Love (Klaas and Mats Radio Remix)
The crew's favourite Klaas with another remix. Must have a bpm around 500?:). A little to fast for my taste. But it's something with it that keeps me listening.

Darren Bailie - Protect Your Mind (PH Electro Remix)
Sampled a bit from the braveheart theme. Really nice electro!

Dj Riga & 5teroephone - Pink Code (Dj Fan Ivan Mash Up)
Another great electro track with an amazing instrumental part containing some nice trumpets. Dj Riga's style for sure.

Roeyksopp - The Girl and The Robot (Jean Elan Remix)
Roeyksopp has always been a victim of remixes sampled from their songs. This Jean Elan remix is very sweet, I think it's Robyn's beautiful voice we can hear in this one? Correct me if i'm wrong.

Roeyksopp - The Girl and The Robot (Spencer And Hill Remix)
You just have to listen 1-2 seconds to hear that it's a S&H track. A very weird track in a sort of way, but that's what S&H are all about.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going to commercial

It has always been some sort of unwritten rule for the more unknown djs to remix or sample from commercial songs by artists like britney, pussycat dolls, lady gaga and so forth. It's simply because it's more simple, you don't have to work your ass of trying to find a good vocal. But now it seems that the well known djs are adjusting to this as well, feels like taking a step back to me. Anyway....here's a commercial remix from mr house himself - David Guetta, along with some new freaky electro tracks from no others than Micha Moor, Klaas and Dave Darell.

Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart (Klaas Style 2009)
It's obvious that klaas yet again has changed style. Here's an attempt to renew the old BEP hit and it's clear that he hasn't tossed away the raw attitude.

BT - Suddenly (Dave Darell Remix)
Here's another favorite dj of mine who've also decided to change style. Personally I like the old Dave Darell signatures but this track is good. It doesn't contain any hard bass and earblowing chorus which we are use to but still...great track.

Lady Gaga - Poker Face (David Guetta Remix)
Probably the #1 most played song worldwide at the moment, remixed by the #1 DJ. Have heard alot of remixes of this one and this is the best remix so far. But I have to admit that it didn't fulfill my expectations.

Runnerz - I'm Lost (Micha Moor Remix)
The better one of these four tracks. It has that perfect bass and tempo which Micha always delivers. Not a very suitable party track for some reason though.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

The boys are back in town

Me & Mike are back from an awesome week on Ibiza. Wanna say thanks to everyone who attended, we hope you had as much fun as we did. I will post some new smoking tracks, some from our tracklist which we used at the gig and one big hit from D'azoo at night which is going to be played alot in the nearest future.

Austin Leeds - In The Air (Avicii Remix)

Avicii has become a big star in the House sky and have done some damn good tracks recently. Here with at nice vocal and a really nice beat.

Disco Reason feat East Sanderz - Never Alone (Extended Mix)
A kind of eurodance track. Reminds of Dj Mango's summer hit Eurodancer. A quite sad but at the same time great vocal. Liking the instrumental part very much.

Dj Leonid Roudenko - Everybody (Dj Antention Remix)
An electro track. Has a quite heavy bass and dirty electro. Really gets your feet moving.

D'azoo at night - Derb
Cris sent me this one just a few hours ago and I have to say...DAMN! Has a vocal which reminds of the Sensation White voice. And the instrumental part has such a raw and phat attitude. This will be on the upcoming weekend's tracklist for sure!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We like to move it

Sorry for the lack of updates. 2/3 of us is working on Ibiza. But don't fear, cris is here. Today i'm gonna give you some phat base, big sounds and nice electro that I hope you'll enjoy.

Mr.P!nk & Gomes - Don't give it up 2009 (Chris Crime & Mr.P!nk Remix)
Sampled on Chicane and Bryan Adam's hit with the same name (almost). Have always liked the song and I have to say that I really enjoy this one. This remix has revived the old hit.

Relanium vs Danny S - Intoxicated (Extended Mix)
A nice electro track. The thing I like most about it is the funky and bitchy vocal. oooh aaah!

Johnny Max - I like to move it (Rework 2009)
Have never liked the sample. It's one of these tracks who are so bad that they automaticly gets good...am I right? The only thing that's making me listen to this one is the phat and heavy base.

Dj Klubbingman feat. Beatrix Delgado - Another day, another night (Tim Verba Remix)

Another great electro track. I'm however not that impressed by the vocal though. The voice is no good at all and Tim Verba has used it a bit to much...in my opinion.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

For sure

Been a while since I posted some new tracks. Have been busy working, but i'm ready to make up for lost time. So here's some new funky tracks for ya.

John Karen - It's alright (Hifi & Format-C Remix)
I'm sure that you'll recognize the vocal. Lovely track, diggin' the instrumental electro part.

The Sound Lovers - Surrender (Double In Face Brazil Ed Caon Tribal Mix)
Not so fond of the vocal. But the instrumental part is heavy. Really liking the drums. HEAVY!

Laurent Wolf feat. Eric Carter - Wash My World (Dim Chris Extended Remix)
I've always liked Laurent Wolf and he doesn't disappoint this time either. Phat track.

Re-Con - Bang 9 (Rekoilz Electro Remix)
What to say. I simply love this one. Very sweet electro, just listen at 2.20.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Electro is the answer

I have been listening to alot of new tracks for a few hours now and i've really been hit by a major summer vibe. I'm gonna post the tracks who've been the reason for this and hopefully will do it for you guys to.

Dj Toxa - Time is ticking (Electro Remix)
Really nice track with a kind of scooter-vocal. Definitely a summer track.

Arash - Pure Love (Pj Harmony Club Mix)
What is summer without Arash? Has been a while since i've heard anything from him. Seems to me that he've done a great comeback though. Do you?

Slyozi - Voda (Electro Club Remix)
Like this one alot. The only thing I don't like is the eastern european language used as vocal. The guitarr is however awesome, listen at 3.48.

Mario Lopez - Another World (Club Mix)
A really heavy electro track. Have never liked the vocal though and this time is no diffrent.

David Guetta - The world is mine (David Smesh Remix)
It's been over a year since the original mix came out and the remakes and remixes just keeps on coming. I was very sceptical to this one, but i'm glad I gave it a chance. A raw and heavy remix of a track we'll never forget.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Steve Angello has released a new great track that you can't miss. I'm gonna post it along with a remix and the Hard intro version of Deadmau5 - Ghost N Stuff and a Dave Darell remix of For an angel by Paul Van Dyk.

Steve Angello - Isabel (Original Mix)
It's so nicely done. Progressive but also very raw in a way. F*cking awesome.

Steve Angello - Isabel (Kim Fai's Tipton Noddle Mafia Remix)
Haven't decided wich one I like better. This one however contains a bit more of that raw-ness I was talking about.

Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff (Hard Intro Version Mix)
Loving this version. I bet i'm not the only one who have been having some trouble finding this one. Anyway, here it is!

Paul Van Dyk - For an angel 09 (Dave Darell Remix)
Classical Dave Darell Remix. Everytime I hear a new Dave Darell Remix it feels like I've heard it before, don't know if that's a good thing. But still, another great work from Dave Darell.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bon Bon

Here's some newly released tracks for you to blow your mind and ears to. For example a fresh new track from John Dahlback, a co-op track with Deniz Koyu and Micha Moor and much more.

John Dahlback feat. ATFC - Bon Bon (Original Mix)
New hot track with John Dahlback. Released yesterday. Haven't had the time to listen carefully but I really like it so far. John has really put his signature on this one.

Niels Van Gogh - Dreamer (Deniz Koyu & Micha Moor Remix)
My favorite Deniz Koyu with another remix together with no other than Micha Moor. Love this one and think it's gonna be spinning hard at the clubs this summer.

Kobojsarna - Unbelievable (Original Mix)
Beeing the only swede in the crew, I got the assignment of releasing this one. Kobojsarna is originally a more of a eurodance group and have been producing a few hits these recent years. But now they seem to be headed towards the house-scene. Swedish summer hit of 2009?

Hoxton Whores - Le voie le soleil 2009 (Original Mix)
What to say about this one. It's quite mellow but has a very big sound. I really don't know why I like it, but I do...alot.

Pussycat Dolls - I hate this part (Digital Dog Club Mix)
Have never been a huge fan of the Pussycat Dolls. But when Nicole Scherzinger's voice is put toghether with a house track it seems to work really well for me. Does it for you? Have a listen and fint out.

Lady Gaga - Love Game (Jody Den Broeder Club Remix)
I love this one. It's strangely remixed in a way. Just in the way I like it.

Force One - Tchoko Tchaka (C Fontana Remix)
It's the same thing with this one. It's very diffrent and strange. It has a very unique sound and vocal. Loving it!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Disco tuesday

Madonna - Like a prayer (Quest Electro Remix)
The old hit from the pop queen herself, remixed into an electro track. Good stuff.

Agnes Carlsson - Release me (Cahill Club Mix)
From one pop singer to another. The swedish youngster with the beautiful voice. A really nice remix by Cahill. Don't know if I would play this one on one of my tracklists. But still a great track.

A.C.K, Simon Point - Come With Me (Micha Moor Remix)
Ooooh Micha Moor. A typical Micha Moor track with a very big sound.

Cansis Pres. Carefree - Broken Strings (Sebo Reed Electro Mix)
Not a big fan of samples from balads. They have a tendecy to become demolished from their original greatness. But this one sticks out, very slow at the beginning and a very heavy electro beat as chorus...awesome. The only bad thing is that the quality is very poor.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

When love takes over

Beautiful day, the sun is shining, the spring is here and we've stacked up so many hot new tracks for you like you wouldn't believe. As you all know David Guetta have done a new track with the lovely Kelly Rowland, So what we're gonna do is post the know remixes of this wonderful track for you to listen to.

David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland - When love takes over
(Original Remix)
Well, what to say. Yet another hit from Mr Guetta with the beautiful voice of kelly rowland, we like.

David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland - When love takes over
(Abel Ramos Paris With Love Remix)
A remix with more up-tempo beat and bass, not to bad.

David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland - When love takes over
(Laidback Luke Remix)
My favorite among these three. Laidback Luke puts such an energy and bass into the track, typical Luke.


Friday, April 24, 2009


Finally friday! Let's polish our dance shoes, cool down the beverages and crank up the volume! Under the first two days we've already had over 300 visitors per day, amazing. This calls for a celebration so here's two new tracks from our favourites Spencer & Hill, a mix from Felguk, an electro track from the lollypop gang and a tech track from Waveshock.

Tiga - Shoes (Spencer & Hill Remix)
I really love this track. It's so raw and has a very hot and sexy vocal..grrr.

Spencer & Hill feat Felguk - Fingertips (Original Mix)
I don't know what to say about this one...it has so many diffrent sounds, but I like it!

Spencer & Hill feat Felguk - Fingertips (Felguk Mix)
Felguk's mix of this track contains an organo-sound and is a bit crankier in some parts. Not very impressed of the complete work...but it's worth a listen!

Spencer & Hill feat Felguk - Fingertips (Spencer & Hill Mix)

With Spencer & Hill beeing one of my favorites at the moment. I've to say that I like this one best of the diffrent versions. You can really feel the heartbeat rising.

Waveshook feat Alizee - Moi lolita (Original Mix)
Sampled on..yeah well, as you can see, Moi lolita. Couldn't really figure this one out at the beginning but I've growned to dig it alot. A very hot and funky tech track.

The Lollypop Gang - Do you like my body (Audiophreakz Club Mix)
This is one of the crew's favorites at this time. When Mike played it last saturday, the pacha crowd went nuts!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leave the world behind

The weekend is near and what better way to set the mood than with some electro and a new track from Axwell, Angello, Ingrosso, Laidback Luke & Deborah Cox. We know that some of the tracks are already out there but we have some catching up to do and we don't want you guys to miss anything.

Axwell, Angello, Ingrosso, Laidback Luke & Deborah Cox - Leave the world behind
(Original Mix)

We heard amazing things about this track before it came out and we can only say that the expectations were forfilled.

Axwell, Angello, Ingrosso, Laidback Luke & Deborah Cox - Leave the world behind
(Dirty South Remix)

Dirty South is one of my favorite djs at the moment and they've done a great job with this remix. But I have to say that I like the original mix a bit better though. But still a great remix!

Wolfgang Gartner - Push & Rise (Original Mix)
A hot and awesome track with a Daft Punk hear-a-like! It's currently listed as #1 on the electro house download chart on beatport and I can really understand why.

Komodo - Still (Alternative Mix)
This is one of my favorites at the moment. It has a great vocal and the electro is mindblowing.


Big up

We wanna thank our italian cutie chris agosti for helping us with the design regarding the banner and sidebar. We and the visitors have you to thank for the smashing layout mate. There will be some more fixes with the layout and chris is gonna continue with this and hopefully even jump in the team and update us and you visitors with new tracks from time to time.

Royal gigolos - Get the party started (bigroom mix)
Sampled on Pink's hit Get this party started. I'm not usually fond of bigroom mixes, but this one is one of a kind!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's on your Mind?

Smashing new track from our favorite Michael Mind. Awesome vocal with an insane base! A delicious recipe signed Michael Mind.

Absolute House opening

Yet another music blog. There will be some adjustments now in the beginning conserning the layout and so forth. But let's kick it of right away with some smoking new tracks!

4 Strings - Take me away (Dave Darell Remix)

4 Strings - Take me away - (Dave Darell Dub Mix)

House Rockerz - Guardian Angel (G&G Remix)

Ron May and Alex Menco - Dirty Bee (Instrumental Mix)

We fell it necessary however to underline that the media posted on the blog is not for permanent usage/storage, if you like the tracks - buy them and support the djs.

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