Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer love

Sorry for not updating this weekend. Jason was supposed to post some tracks for you but apparently got called back to Ibiza at the last minute yesterday. So I will offer some new tracks for you guys instead.

5sterophone & Dj Riga - Pink Code
Mike posted the mash up mix in the last post. Like it alot but I must say that I like this version better. Such a nice electro track.

Albin Myers & Sandro Monte Ft. Abigail Bailey - Somewhere (Dabruck & Klein Remix)
I've always liked Dabruck & Klein. Their tracks have always some sort of clearity which I admire. Their instrumental strength makes me wish that they would save some of the vocal though.

Benny Benassi Pres. The Biz - Satisfaction (Unreleased L-Double-E Remix)
Push me, and then just touch me. I wonder how many times i've heard this vocal. I'm really sick of it. But I know that there are some of you who will like it. If you like raw remixes with alot of bass, you're guaranteed to like it.

Boyorskiy - Dj
Baur Respectin Cut
A really clean and funky remixed electro track. But what's up with the new found interest of using eastern european vocals?

Jaybee - Sudenly (Houseboy Remix)
Getting some daft punk vibes from the instrumental part...loving it!


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gord0n said...

i rly like ur posts cris! where do u residence? can't you make a pack of all tracks in every post, would be much simplier...thx.

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