Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We like to move it

Sorry for the lack of updates. 2/3 of us is working on Ibiza. But don't fear, cris is here. Today i'm gonna give you some phat base, big sounds and nice electro that I hope you'll enjoy.

Mr.P!nk & Gomes - Don't give it up 2009 (Chris Crime & Mr.P!nk Remix)
Sampled on Chicane and Bryan Adam's hit with the same name (almost). Have always liked the song and I have to say that I really enjoy this one. This remix has revived the old hit.

Relanium vs Danny S - Intoxicated (Extended Mix)
A nice electro track. The thing I like most about it is the funky and bitchy vocal. oooh aaah!

Johnny Max - I like to move it (Rework 2009)
Have never liked the sample. It's one of these tracks who are so bad that they automaticly gets I right? The only thing that's making me listen to this one is the phat and heavy base.

Dj Klubbingman feat. Beatrix Delgado - Another day, another night (Tim Verba Remix)

Another great electro track. I'm however not that impressed by the vocal though. The voice is no good at all and Tim Verba has used it a bit to my opinion.


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