Sunday, May 10, 2009

The boys are back in town

Me & Mike are back from an awesome week on Ibiza. Wanna say thanks to everyone who attended, we hope you had as much fun as we did. I will post some new smoking tracks, some from our tracklist which we used at the gig and one big hit from D'azoo at night which is going to be played alot in the nearest future.

Austin Leeds - In The Air (Avicii Remix)

Avicii has become a big star in the House sky and have done some damn good tracks recently. Here with at nice vocal and a really nice beat.

Disco Reason feat East Sanderz - Never Alone (Extended Mix)
A kind of eurodance track. Reminds of Dj Mango's summer hit Eurodancer. A quite sad but at the same time great vocal. Liking the instrumental part very much.

Dj Leonid Roudenko - Everybody (Dj Antention Remix)
An electro track. Has a quite heavy bass and dirty electro. Really gets your feet moving.

D'azoo at night - Derb
Cris sent me this one just a few hours ago and I have to say...DAMN! Has a vocal which reminds of the Sensation White voice. And the instrumental part has such a raw and phat attitude. This will be on the upcoming weekend's tracklist for sure!


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