Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to live forever

Sunday bloody sunday. I hope you've enjoyed the weekend to the fullest. I have some new crazy electro tracks for you all which I hope can help get you thru another week.

Haddaway - What Is Love 2009 (Klaas Radio Edit)
I've only got one word for this edit - disappointment. As I've said before, and as you may have noticed, has klaas changed style...unfortunatly. I can only hope that this is a fake.

Prodigius - Elektroshock (Alexandre De Beauregard Remix)
A really weird remixed electro track...just the way I like it. If you like electro I'm sure that you will like this one as well.

Mike Melange vs Nikolai Ronin - Eart Moon Venus and Sun (Yann Kriss Main Club Mix)
Another great electro track with a kind of 80's vocal. Me like.

Revolution - Like A Prayer (R.I.O. Remix)
A mellow but at the same time dirty track, sampled from....yeah, Madonna's old hit.

Komodo - Still (Dj Arteniy Shark Remix)
Here's an awesome electro track with a really nice guitar. Love this remix, big up Arteniy Shark.


1 comment:

hanna said...

i heard a song somewhere before! its a great house song and i think the guy who had it got it from you, they sing oh ya ya ya ya in the begining, and i would be greatfull if you gave me the name on the song if you know wich song i mean!

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