Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hey guys, how goes it? I'm in a bit of a hurry doing laundry before my vacation. Just wanted to share some new really smooth tunes.

Maze Feat. Lital - Tell Me (Radio Edit)
A really smooth and quite calm house-dance-electro-track. Beautiful vocal. Great track!

Maze Feat. Lital - Tell Me (Club Mix)
The club mix offers a bit more base and a little less vocal, but it's not that much of a difference.

Sebastien Benett - Week End (Original Radio Edit)

Yeah folks - it's smooth track-night here on AbsoluteHouse! Benett's voice reminds me of Craig David in some parts and the instrumental reminds me of Daft Punk in some way. A great production- beautiful and funky.

Wolfgang Gartner - Fire Power (Original Mix)
It's cool, it's different, it's weird, it's Wolfang Gartner!


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