Sunday, August 23, 2009


All my bags are packed and im ready to go. I'll be gone for 15 days and I'll try to post while im away but I don't think the connection over there is any good. I have four tracks I want to share first. So, if I don't manage to post anything from overthere I'll be back 7th of september.

Alan Master T - We Are In Love (Deen Creed Remix)
A really hard electro track with a nice vocal. Not my kind of track for some reason, but i'm sure many of you will like it.

Jean Elan - Shake Me Elans (Club Edit)

An awesome instrumental! This will tear up the nightclubs for sure!

Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me (David Smesh Remix)

Really nice production by Smesh. I've never liked Smesh that much, a bit to uneven to get on my top list. But this is one of his better works.

Linda Teodosiu - Reprogram My Heart (Bodybangers Remix)

My girlfriend likes this one alot. Can't blame her, it's a good track. A bit girly though, but that's been Bodybangers signature for as long as I can remember.



Anonymous said...

Cris said...

Yeah, nice remix. But it feels no diffrent to the other remixes. Nothing unique, nothing new.

Take care

Anonymous said...


Schlappy said...

You're other girlfriend likes it to.

nawls said...

update soon mate? can't have too long of a vacation!


Anonymous said...

Veneno (Enrico Caschetta Remix) - Lazardi bomb!!!1

Anonimous Deejay said...

pls repost Veneno (Enrico Caschetta Remix) - Lazardi :(

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