Friday, April 24, 2009


Finally friday! Let's polish our dance shoes, cool down the beverages and crank up the volume! Under the first two days we've already had over 300 visitors per day, amazing. This calls for a celebration so here's two new tracks from our favourites Spencer & Hill, a mix from Felguk, an electro track from the lollypop gang and a tech track from Waveshock.

Tiga - Shoes (Spencer & Hill Remix)
I really love this track. It's so raw and has a very hot and sexy vocal..grrr.

Spencer & Hill feat Felguk - Fingertips (Original Mix)
I don't know what to say about this has so many diffrent sounds, but I like it!

Spencer & Hill feat Felguk - Fingertips (Felguk Mix)
Felguk's mix of this track contains an organo-sound and is a bit crankier in some parts. Not very impressed of the complete work...but it's worth a listen!

Spencer & Hill feat Felguk - Fingertips (Spencer & Hill Mix)

With Spencer & Hill beeing one of my favorites at the moment. I've to say that I like this one best of the diffrent versions. You can really feel the heartbeat rising.

Waveshook feat Alizee - Moi lolita (Original Mix)
Sampled on..yeah well, as you can see, Moi lolita. Couldn't really figure this one out at the beginning but I've growned to dig it alot. A very hot and funky tech track.

The Lollypop Gang - Do you like my body (Audiophreakz Club Mix)
This is one of the crew's favorites at this time. When Mike played it last saturday, the pacha crowd went nuts!



BuBBa said...

the felguk mix has a very poor sound:'(

Anonymous said...

congratulations boys, you have done a very nice job...loving the music. the lolly pop song sounds familiar, do u know where the vocal is sampled from?

sam from belgium

Anonymous said...

alizee is so sxy

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