Thursday, April 30, 2009

Electro is the answer

I have been listening to alot of new tracks for a few hours now and i've really been hit by a major summer vibe. I'm gonna post the tracks who've been the reason for this and hopefully will do it for you guys to.

Dj Toxa - Time is ticking (Electro Remix)
Really nice track with a kind of scooter-vocal. Definitely a summer track.

Arash - Pure Love (Pj Harmony Club Mix)
What is summer without Arash? Has been a while since i've heard anything from him. Seems to me that he've done a great comeback though. Do you?

Slyozi - Voda (Electro Club Remix)
Like this one alot. The only thing I don't like is the eastern european language used as vocal. The guitarr is however awesome, listen at 3.48.

Mario Lopez - Another World (Club Mix)
A really heavy electro track. Have never liked the vocal though and this time is no diffrent.

David Guetta - The world is mine (David Smesh Remix)
It's been over a year since the original mix came out and the remakes and remixes just keeps on coming. I was very sceptical to this one, but i'm glad I gave it a chance. A raw and heavy remix of a track we'll never forget.


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