Friday, November 6, 2009

One two three

The range of great tracks seems to be very thin at the moment. There are very few of the new tracks that I find pleasureable. One track i'm really looking forward to is Avicii's The Drums remix and judging by the promo edit i'm quite sure the complete version is going to be sick! Anyways, I hope you guys have found some tracks that has made your ears wet. Here's three great tracks I hope you will come to like if you haven't heard them yet.

A great catchy electro track. It feels like I've heard the instrumental part before.

Steve Angello & AN21 - Flonko (Norell & Adstedt Booty)
Thrumpets! Great remix. Nothing for you guys who mostly likes commercial though.

This remix by Wolfgang Gartner (who's the guy in the picture above) is a typical Gartner remix - Strange! I love it and this might be just the thing for you commercial freaks to get your groove on!


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Virre said...

Whoa! 3 Was siiiick!

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