Monday, November 2, 2009

Music kills misery

God I f*cking hate mondays. Got in a somewhat better mood after having heard some new tracks. Especially Avicii's remix of Tiesto's Escape me. Here's 4 more or less hot tracks that I'll think you guys will come to enjoy.

Klaas - Our Own Way (DJ Zam Club Remix)
Zam has done a great job with this remix. The only thing he could have done better is to erase the awful vocal and add more of his wonderful instruments.

Nexx - Synchronize Lips (Bodybangers Edit)
Classical Bodybangers sound. If you're a dance-fan you will like this one.

Simon De Jano - Sunshine (Paul & Luke Mix)
A poor vocal but wonderful instrumental.

Tiesto - Escape Me (Aviciis Remix At Night)
Don't know what to say, i'm speechless. Another master production from Avicii. If you don't listen to this one you're definitely missing out on something!



nate said...

you have good taste cris, the tiesto track was sick! thx for a rly great blog.

Victor Nathanson said...

Great tracks, flawless blog! :)

Cris said...

Thank u, new tracks will be up in a mo', be on the look-out

Anonymous said...

guys whats up..? ur 2 months behind...great releases out by defectet so get up to date...
btw. great blog! big LIKE!!!

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