Thursday, February 4, 2010

No commercial

Have found some new tracks that I think some of you will come to enjoy. Most of all you guys who are in to much of the none-commercial-stuff. You've maybe noticed that the "Tribute" post with BlueIce remixes has disappeared? The reason for this is that the corporate guys didn't liked it due to the legal rights and therefore took it of the page. Anyway...hope you'll come to enjoy these tracks.

Alex Mind - Turing Machine (Original Mix)
Progessive/bass/electro/trance-track. A crazy and different production, me like!

Austin Leeds, Jeremy Carr - In The Air feat. Jeremy Carr (Austin's Remix)
This remix of the old hit could get even the dollest crowd moving!

Edward Maya feat. Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love (Scotty Dub Mix)
I'm impressed by the radio edit, I love it. The accordion sound is simply great. Scotty isn't one of my favourite producers, but this remix is quite alright! A track for you electro lovers.

Fabian Schumann - Massive (The Beatrabauken Remix)
MASSIVE zynth and electro. A bit monotony, but hey...!


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fucking insane blog! gj cris. MORE POSTS PLZ!

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