Friday, February 12, 2010

On the wall

I've recieved some emails from you guys saying you want fitting tracks for parties or as one of you put it "tracks that makes people swing it on the dancefloor" haha...that phrase cracks me up. But hey, nice thought and therefor - Some party tracks ladies and gentlemen.

Absoord - Stop & Stay (Wicked DJs Remix)
This track would even get your grandmother to head bob. Phat!

Daddy Yankee - Beep Pose (Jason Tregebov & Javier Maroto vs. Fady Rivero Edit)
A track for you who likes some south american vocal. Caliente! A si a si!

David Guetta feat. Barbara Tucker - Its Alright 2010 (Kris Vigel Big Flat Organ Mix)
Wicked remix with an added fat and crazy bass sound.

Giuseppe D vs Applebeatz - Without You (Greysound Club Remix 2010)
Amazing track. Great vocal, great instrumental, phenomenal production!

Lazard feat Muzzy G - I Wanna Grow Old with You (Bodybangers Radio Edit)
This is a typical road trip track. I would imagine that this goes home among the ladies.

Marc Mysterio feat Samantha Fox - Tomorrow (Groove Stage Radio Edit)
Another track with a beautiful vocal and a great instrumental. Thumbs up!

Tiesto feat. CC Sheffield - Escape Me (Radio Edit)
Yes, I know that it isn't exactly new. But I could imagine that some of you guys haven't heard it yet and this is a must-hear! I simply doesn't get tired of it and it's a great party track.


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